This is the Toefl PBT/ITP Free contents Section. You will find free exercises for the 3 sections. You can also work on my short conversations and full listening test videos from YouTube, and a few more in .mp3 format with its respective worksheet (they're all printable).


In the Structure and Reading section, you will also find the exercises with answers. These  are only a few. If you visit the paid contents, you can find more exercises (the Listening section is over 2000 exercises). Try these exercises. and if you feel you need more, you can always return!


Use these exercises to practice your listening skills.
Listening exercise 8

Short Conversations

Listening exercise 9

Short Conversations


The structure Section of the Toefl is considered a difficult one. You must know a lot about English grammar to obtain a good score. I have here some full-tests of the structure section.

But if you want over 70 full tests,  click here.


Just click on any box to download the exercise.


Each one of these readings are Toefl based. They all contain questions and answers at the very end of the document. If you want to practice with 300 reading exercises, click here.

Online Reading Tests