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The 31-Day TOEFL ITP Challenge COURSE

Available now!


Receive a lesson each day

You'll receive a lesson, video tutorial and TOEFL exercises, every day for 31 days!


Study at your own pace

Set your own schedules, work load and tests. No more stressing over deadlines.


Keep track of your progress

Intensive course for people with specific goals. You can track you progress doing full mock tests or Section tests.



Only until Nov. 30th


The 31-Day Challenge TOEFL ITP course is an intensive, non-stop learning tool designed for students who need to improve their TOEFL ITP score.

Each day, students receive a lesson and a link to a video tutorial where the subject is explained with examples and theory. They also receive TOEFL exercises to practice and excel the subject. Students can access the video lesson at any moment. During the 31-Day Challenge, students can answer TOEFL ITP Mock tests of Section tests to keep track of their progress. Students must finish a lesson to unlock the next. The course can be completed using a computer or cellphone. Also, the Wix App can help keep track of progress.

This course is still under production, so for the time being its price will be only 10 usd. After it is finished. It will cost 25 USD. Until october 16th, the course will cost 7 USD.

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$7 USD

Until Oct. 16th

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