one-On-One Courses

Need personal assessment?


Is your test soon? Are there difficult areas in the English language you just can't understand?


During my years as an English Certifications Coach, I've come across many students with different questions. Working together, we've always dealed and solved their doubts.


Maybe you don't want to pay a full course, maybe you just need one or two hours of personal training to polish those areas you find difficult.


Online teaching / coaching has helped students all over the world, and you can still profit from this method. Free tools online such as Skype and Facetime can help you to get your questions solved, and reach a better score.


How does it Work?

Setting up an appointment with me is easy. Just follow these steps:


   Contact me clicking this button, and ask for an appointment.


   Once we've agreed on a convenient time for both parties, click on "Buy Now"


   Enjoy your lesson!



Private Coaching

Online Assessment


Read Before making an appointment

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.


Price per lesson: $15 USD.


Time Zone used: CST (-6:00). (To learn more click here)


Email for Facetime / Skype will only be provided AFTER payment has been made.


No calls will be answered after the lesson. Abuse of invalid calls will incurr in user-block.


In case of network failure, cellphone apps will be used as an alternative. If it still it doesn't procede, lesson will be re-scheduled.


Lessons are 100% in english.


Refunds ONLY if I fail to connect.







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